kit-doc edge


Kit::Doc is a tool to generate documentation for your Ruby projects.


Kit::Doc uses:

  • Yard to generate the Ruby documentation
  • ExDoc for the static assets

At the core Kit::Doc it is a Yard plugin with a heavily modified template that generates ExDoc compatible html assets.

The guides also heavily reuse ExDoc's guides & Elixir's guides content.


  • Automatically generates HTML documentation from your API documentation
  • Accessible online and offline (no server-side dependencies)
  • Generate reproducible documentation for each of all known versions
  • Support for custom pages and guides (in addition to the API reference)

On the front-end, thanks to ExDoc assets:

  • Support for custom grouping of module and pages in the sidebar
  • Responsive design with built-in layout for phones and tablets
  • A version dropdown to quickly switch to other versions
  • Customizable logo on the generated documentation
  • Each documented entry contains a direct link back to the source code
  • Full-text client-side search
  • Keyboard shortcuts (press ? inside an existing documentation to bring the help dialog)
  • Quick search with autocompletion support (s keyboard shortcut)
  • Support for night-mode (automatically detected according to the browser preferences)
  • Kit::Doc is licensed under MIT License.

  • ExDoc is licensed under Apache license 2.0.

    • Any documentation generated by ExDoc or any documentation generated by any "Derivative Works" (like Kit::Doc), must include a direct link to ExDoc repository on every page.
    • No worries: this is is taken care of in the footer of the documentation. This is good practice anyway, credit where credit is due!
  • ExDoc assets client-side application uses resources under different licenses.

    • No worries: this is only for the generated documentation assets.

You can check the LICENSES file for a more comprehensive list.