kit-doc edge

Getting started

Here are the steps to add Kit::Doc to your project.

Adding the gem

1 - Add the following line to your Gemfile:

  gem 'kit-doc'

2 - Run bundle install

Generating Kit::Doc config

1 - Run the generator:

$ rails generate kit-doc:install

This will create the following files:


2 - Add this to your Rakefile:

import 'tasks/documentation.rake'

3 - Add this to your .gitignore:


By default, the documentation is generated in docs/dist. There is no need to git version this (please don't ;).

Edit your project info

1 - Edit the generated tasks/documentation.rake:

You may want to set :project, :source_url and :documentation_url. If not, you can do it later!

require 'kit-doc'

DOC_CONFIG = Kit::Doc::Services::Config.create_config(
  project:           'YOUR_PROJECT_NAME',
  source_url:        '',
  documentation_url: '',

  # The top level directory of your project, relative to this file:
  project_path:      File.expand_path('..', __dir__),
  # The path to your project git repo. Remove if you don't have one (you should though ;).
  git_project_path:  File.expand_path('..', __dir__),
  # The path to the VERSIONS file that was generated, it contains the list of versions to generate documentation for.
  all_versions:      File.expand_path('../docs/VERSIONS', __dir__),

  # The files you want to generate documentation for:
  files_modules:     { './' => { include: %w[lib/**/*.rb app/**/*.rb] },
  # Extra `.md` files to include as guides:
  files_extras:      {
    '.'           => { include: %w[] },
    'docs/guides' => { include: %w[**/*.md] },

  config:           DOC_CONFIG,
  # By default, the documentation is generated in `docs/dist`.
  #   It will run `rm -rf docs/dist/*` before each run if this is set to true.
  clean_output_dir: true,

  config: DOC_CONFIG,

2 - Optional: edit docs/VERSIONS to choose the versions that should have documentation.

The default is:


Generate documentation

Now you are ready to generate your project documentation.

1 - Run:

$ bundle exec rake documentation:generate

Documentation should be generated in /docs/dist/dev.

You can open /docs/dist/dev/index.html.